12 Things You Can Do During Lockdown


As the coronavirus epidemic has increased and the only way to control it is to stay at home. People are constantly looking for ways to keep themselves busy. Being indoors on lockdown doesn’t mean you have to be bored. Children are the most affected section. They dislike staying indoors for too long. It is the responsibility of parents to keep their children engaged through productive learning activities.

If you are done watching all of Netflix, here are some fun creative activities to deal with social distancing.

1. Learn a language 

Learning a language adds stars to your resume and boosts up your personality. There are several times in your life when you are unable to join classes to learn Spanish or French because of your busy schedule. You can use lots of YouTube videos and online tutorials and get to learn a completely new language.

2. Organize wardrobe/ Kitchen cupboards

Most of us don’t remember what dresses we are having in the pile of clothes inside our cupboard. During the lockdown, we can take our own time to classify our dresses that we won’t wear or don’t fit. Also, one can clean the cupboards and the jars of the kitchen to maintain your own hygiene at home.

3. Do some gardening

Gardening is considered an art and can be fulfilling and therapeutic. Gardening not only allows you to spend some time with nature but improves your outlook for the world. It helps in building a positive nature. It is satisfying to witness a few seeds bloom into an attractive display.


4. Learn to dance

This is a favorite hobby for many. It is entertaining and healthy for the body. For those who have been trying to join a dance class can join the online dance tutorials. There are plenty of tutorial videos available on youtube that may match with your interest.


5. Art and Craft

Painting is an enjoyable way of expressing. You can do a drawing or sketching whichever you are comfortable with. You can also enjoy making beautiful crafts which help to decorate home. It also allows you to spend a wonderful time with your children. Children also get to learn some creativity.

6. Reading

Reading boosts your mind’s power. If you decide to choose reading you will find yourself huge categories of e-books online. You can read some children’s stories to your kids during bedtime or choose some fiction or autobiographies for yourself.


7. Upgrade your skills

You can use this lockdown period to update your resume, LinkedIn profile and all your professional documents. You can learn numerous computer programs online for free or with Youtube tutorials. This will overall help to add a few more brownie points on your CV.

8. Cooking

Cooking is a fun and useful skill to spend your time. You can learn from various Youtube channels or follow your favorite food bloggers website. Learn your favorite food or cuisine and feed your loved ones with some interesting and tasty food.


9. Fitness and Self-care

If you have thought a thousand times of joining the gym to stay fit and healthy. The lockdown period undoubtedly makes you binge on some good food. Along with good food, it is essential to stay fit. You can start practicing yoga and some easy exercises which can be done at home. You can also start doing meditation. It helps as a stress buster and relaxes your mind.


10. Spending time with family/ Indoor activities

The rush in our work lives doesn’t allow you to spend sufficient time with your family. You can play a lot of board games, Carom or Sudoku with your kids. You can play cards or share some stories from your past.       

11. Blogging

If you like writing and wish to express your ideas to individuals, starting a blog could be a good way. You can spend your time and show your creativity to the world. You can write on the trending topics of your interest and start a website of your own. It is not at all difficult to create your own website, Try Word Press. It has a huge number of blog ideas that are for free.


12. Discover new music

If you are a music freak just like me. This lockdown period gives you enough time to explore some genres of music.  You can start listening to different kinds of music, discover some songs and create your favorite playlist. Maybe you will get a new favorite after this lockdown.


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